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Skyblock Evolution 1.04

Corrected a bunch of spelling mistakes. Corrected a side effect of the Nether End Portal bug when entering an End Gateway. You would be teleported back to the main island over the void. If you are playing a previous version of this map, then to correct this issue you will need to go to to […]

Skyblock Evolution 1.03

Added new Easter Egg advancement to Honor Impulse and Skizzleman Fixed the Visit all Structures Advancement Fixed the Nether End Portal teleport Added optional mob texture improvements to be more fitting with their mob type As with any player already playing Skyblock Evolution (SBE) you will need to delete your datapacks” folder in the world […]

Skyblock Evolution 1.02

Skyblock Evolution changes (from Dr. Trog’s base version): Starting Island has been reshaped Starting Island no longer comes with a starter chest Starter Chest contents have been spread out amongst the overworld islands and other locations Added new advancement tab Added new advancements Improved the Loot in the Mansion and Monument Added drop for Heart […]