Skyblock Evolution 1.04

  • Corrected a bunch of spelling mistakes.
  • Corrected a side effect of the Nether End Portal bug when entering an End Gateway.
  • You would be teleported back to the main island over the void.
  • If you are playing a previous version of this map, then to correct this issue you will need to go to to the end obsidian platform, enable cheats (you do this through the options menu to “open lan”), then open the console and type “/reload” without quotes. Exit and relaunch the game so that you can regain the ability to pause the game using the game menu again. IF this is your first time playing Skyblock Evolution then you will not need to follow these steps as it has already been fixed for you.
  • On occasion, you may get the “broken” or “null” texture for the advancement backgrounds. This is due to an old MC bug that has been reintroduced into the game.