Skyblock Evolution 2.0.9

New Players

  • As always you get the latest updates with the Fresh Map Download.

For Existing Players (Playing 2.0.4 or earlier)

  • Please follow the instructions in the v2.0.5 changelog to see which of the two instructions you need to follow.

For Existing Players (Paying 2.0.5 and above)

  • Download and unzip the Datapack & Regions (D&R) ZIP file and ONLY copy across the datapack files


A note from Dracconis69

I have added a Reward Surprise as part of this update which will require you to download one of the two “” files. There is one with the custom mob textures that came originally with the map download and one that does not have the custom mob textures which has always been a separate download.

Lastly as I believe this will most likely be the last needed update for the map I would like to thank Richard Thornton, Ecklipsa, ClaraFi1190 for all their help with the parts of the map that I would not have been able to achieve.


Datapack Update 2.0.9

This file is for New AND Existing Skyblock Evolution 2.0 worlds in order to correct the “Founder’s Faces” Advancement. Simply download and extract to your SBE 2.0 world and click “Accept/Yes” when asked to overwrite the files.