Skyblock Evolution 2.0.6


This has been a long overdue update to the Skyblock Evolution series. This is the “Recipe Update”, which should have been done for 1.0. Alas, here it is and better late than never. For as much as I have done with 2.0 I didn’t want you players to get more frustrated than need be trying to figure these recipes out. So what I have done is added a way to let you know when a new “custom” recipe is available when you have one of the components of said recipe. Simply grabbing things you have already done should unlock the new recipes for you if you haven’t done so already.


For new players

  • Downloading the map gives you all of the updates.

For existing players who have NOT updated to 2.0.5:

  • Please follow the instructions in the previous changelog to see which of the two instructions you need to follow.

For existing players who HAVE all previous updates:

  • Download and unzip the Datapack & Regions (D&R) ZIP file and ONLY copy across the datapack files