World Download

For new players

Works in Minecraft Java Release 1.19

Version 1 is still available for 1.16.5 here


Due to the Minecraft 1.19 Update and at the request of Mojang this version of Skyblock Evolution 2.0 needs to be run with 4GB of allocated memory.
Also for SBE 2.0 it is advised that you have your Master Volume set to at least 50% as there are some unique sounds that have been added to the map.

Visit Getting Started for a few pictures to guide you through changing the profile you want to use with SBE 2.0.1 with the required memory needed to play the map.

Resource Pack

Optional update

Replace with this version if you do not want our custom mob textures.

Data Pack Update

For existing players

This file is for existing Skyblock Evolution 2.0 worlds who have not updated to 2.0.1 and later.

Please refer to the release notes for instructions.

Skyblock Evolution 2.0.4


  • Fixed 4 Advancements to be in line with Server/Realms stringent policy for JSON format.
  • Fixed 4 Functions to to provide what the 4 Advancements originally were suppose to do instead.


For existing players

  • You will need to delete the two datapacks in your world /datapacks folder.
  • Unzip and place the new datapacks into the folder.

For those wanting to know this is the seed that was used for the original Skyblock back in MC 1.2:



Pillager Outpost
-641 62 -625

602 61 -550

Ocean Monument
728 61 840

Witch Hut
-842 69 80


-546 91 -263

Warped Forest
-151 40 -804

Crimson Forest
448 40 -642

Soulsand Valley
-529 57 288

-79 68 86

New locations are intentionally omitted so that you will enjoy the journey of discovering them for your own, however at any point in time you are having trouble locating them you can always reach Dracconis69 on twitter from the link in the book.

CanadianAvenger/Mark Loit

Improved performance of the composter to prevent invisible armor stand crashes.
Added ability for hoppers to now work with composters.

Richard Thornton for his work with “Blackbeard’s Booty” Adventure Hunt clue books and “The Curse of Montezuma” lore book.

Ecklipsa for her work: The new improve Jungle Temple and Desert Temple.

ClaraFi1190: Her work on the Lush Cave and Deep Dark biomes.

NateBoutin (Reddit) for his work on Advancement Unlocked Inventory Slots.

Meet the Makers